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Havanese Puppy Wait list is Available. Email: to be added. This will be for "Ccarlins Christmas Carol" and "Ccarlins Eros the Archer" litter. Expected Fall 2020.





All of our Havanese dogs, and puppies have been DNA tested with UC Davis, and Registered with the United Kennel Club. All of our Adult dogs have been screened with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.

We pride our line with the highest quality, supreme health, and follow the breed standard. Our dogs have tested negative for Lyme disease, and Heartworm. All of our dogs have tested negative for parasites, and receive a monthly preventative heartworm, and flea/tick medication. Our dogs are vaccinated with a "DAPP2" combo (Distemper, Adenovirus, Parainfluenza 2, and Parvo. Bordetella protection, Rabies annual vaccination, and Microchip inplantation for all dogs over 5 months of age.  We offer a stellar health guarantee with all companion puppies. All of our Havanese are professionally groomed, and have had professional dental care.


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Pet Products, and Registered Kennel Services for the Havanese Owner. We follow the Strict guidelines of the United Kennel Club, Havanese Club of America and the American Kennel Club. Ccarlins is involved with both the UKC, and AKC with events; local, and National. We create and provide Puppies, and Dogs for emotional support animal needs, and a companion pet for family needs. Ccarlins provides Dogs ready for competition, and show. 
Havanese Kennel Services, Micro-chipping, Vaccinations, Grooming, Nutritional guidance, Healthy food, Breed Standard Consultations, Emotional Support Animal placement, Sensitivity Therapy dog Training, Breed Club Membership, Pet Products, AKC Registered Stud service, Wait list for upcoming litters available, Puppies, and Spay, and Neutered dogs. Ccarlins Havanese provides the AKC Family Dog administered programs, and evaluations (AKC STAR, CGC, Advanced CGC, Trick Dog, Advanced Trick Dog)
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Ccarlins Havanese and Kennel Services
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Ccarlins Havanese and Kennel Services

About Ccarlins

Since 1996 Ccarlins has admired Registered toy breeds. Beginning, with the AKC Pug breed, and continuing onto the AKC, and UKC Havanese breed.

We are partnered with many leaders in the Pet industry, and Therapy dog instruction.

Our Kennel services focus on the toy breed Havanese.  Keeping the breed true.

Our focus with the UKC is on total performance and breed standard of our dogs.

Our focus with the AKC is breed standard and family dog excellence.

Havanese love to be active, playful, and very happy. 

Although small, they excel in activity. Havanese are good for allergies, and small living space.


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