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Havanese with Champion Bloodlines-Quality Pups are Ready!


We are now scheduling visits for: FRIDAY , SATURDAY, AND SUNDAY.


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Puppies are Ready! Health certified, and excited to meet their new families!



WAYLON and WILLIE are Gorgeous, Black, with minimal White effects on chin, neck, and an occasional paw tip. They are similar to their Sire, and there is a good chance they will lose the White effects, and go solid Black.  He also has beautiful hair, and excels in training. Both Males will be Toy size, breed standard Havanese with good muscle form. We offer a very strong health gaurantee with our puppies. We do not cover offspring of any puppies that we do not produce. We hope you will spay or neuter your pet. Your puppy can still partake in all the shows, and be your awesome companion, too. The Males are 11 weeks old. Current weight is: 5-6 lbs. Pint size cuddlers.  Easy to travel with!  Holiday Special $800.00  Offer expires on December 12, 2018.


Lighter colors carry a waitlist. Join here 


We will have a White, with Cream effects available, and a Red, with Cream effects available; After, the Royal Canin National Show December 15 &16th. Currently pulled aside for Puppy STAR training, and Canine Good Citizen evaluation.  Both Females are breed standard, and excel in conformation, and companion temperament.

"Winter" has White/Ivory accents, and "Summer" has Red/Cream accents.  Cash, Credit, Debit is accepted. We are taking them to the Royal Canin National Show to be seen, and will offer them for sale before Christmas after December 17th. 

Scheduled Visits for "Winter & Summer" will be for the waitlist only. 

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In addition, we have a pre-planned litter expected to whelp right before Christmas. We are hoping to see Whites, Creams, Reds, and have a few openings on the waitlist.

All the puppies from the lighter color litter will be "waitlist"priced at $1800.00 each. Cash, Credit, Debit is accepted. 


No money is due to be on a waitlist. Let us know your preference of color, and gender; Send us your full name, address, email address, and telephone number.

We accept checks, debit, and credit for the $500.00 deposit to hold puppy. (weeks 2-8). Waitlist gets special pricing before the public.

We will not take personal checks for payments of puppies ready to go (after week 8). Final transactions must be paid as cash, or debit, or credit.



The placement of an Emotional Support Animal requires a letter from your Doctor. With travel, ESA puppies are not “pets” and you must always keep your letter with you.

We offer a flat fee of $800.00 for a puppy that is spay/neuter complete. We accept payments prior to the day of pick up. Letters and a request for an ESA is subject to approval. 

For more information, please contact us. Right now, we have "Kirby" available!


Price adjusts per weekly score. We accept Cash, Debit, or Credit.

Breed Standard, no faults found by our Vet, and a Conformation/Agility judge.  Adult weight should fall between 8-12 lbs.

As, they have grown, we have scored them on the basis of: breed standard requirements, social skills, temperament, markings, teeth, bite, jaw shape, overall growth, uniformity, tail is plumed, and gait "wiggles" body and head size, body and head shape, hair quality, and intelligence.

All puppies have begun potty training, crate training, and are on a good routine for sleep, meals, play, bath, and grooming. All Males are able to be shown, and be your loving companion.

Update: Climbing steps, and lead/leash training has begun. 


Puppies go home with a nice gift bag from Royal Canin, Trupanion, and Zazzle.

Today's photo's can be found right here and the entire photo archive can be found here

Health certified, fecal float test-"negative", 12 week vaccinations completed on November 27, 2018. 

Breed standard perfect, health certified, and ready to leave the nest.


Photo Archives






Solid in body color, with minor tips, flares, or points around paw tips, ears, and face. Overall color may lighten with age. Black coats, stay Black.

Black colors with a Havana Brown sheen is normal for the breed. White colors stay White.

Now Presenting, the "Ccarlins Blanquito de la Habana" White coats with black pigments are Cuban classics, and very difficult to create. They are in hot demand!

Our retro "Little White dog of Havana" is an exquisite result of years of perfecting, and protecting our blood line. Hope you enjoy the results! Waitlist

Pigment: Black eye rims, Black nose, Black lip trim, paw pads, and the eye color is either a very dark brown, or medium brown as the breed standard requires.

About colors: Puppy colors lighten with age. Black coats stay black.  What you end up with could be a cream. It is predictable with Havanese to "color change" during the first two years. What does stay constant is the quality, performance, excellent health, and awesome temperament. Although, we have a waiting list for lighter colors; It may be worth a close look of a "dark" litter in person, and in front of a bright window to spot the soon to bloom colors. History supports this theory. Our line pedigree reaches back Nine generations on both the sire, and the dam.

Dark pigment and dark eyes are the correct standard, with every color of coat. We get White, and light coats with careful color planning, and still retain the black pigments. Its an art, and it takes years of balancing the color lines dominance. Yet, truing back to the black to strengthen the dominant genes about every three generations. We have specialized in solid colors with just a flair of color contrast.

"No novelty chocolate spots, stripes, splotches with uneven brown noses, and hazel eyes". The key is not to "dilute" the dominant Black, too far out. If that happens, we may see flawed colors with pale pigments, and that is not a breed standard Havanese. Perhaps that novelty works for some...Ours will be breed standard.  We offer, even, flowing, balanced, blended coats, with dark pigments. Hair that can be corded, straight, or wavy. Hair that can be long or short, and tangle free. Hypoallergenic, and shed free. Bred for performance, and appearance. Our goal is the AKC, and UKC breed standard. Keeping the breed true.


AKC Stud Service also available (OFA, DNA)- Champion Bloodlines, excellent health, excellent hair, temperament, and behavior. We only Stud to Full registered Health certified females.

Contact us for more details. 


Ccarlins Havanese is an approved AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, we administer the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy program, AKC Canine Good Citizen, AKC Community Canine (Advanced level of CGC), AKC Urban CGC and AKC Trick Dog tests. Orientation, and training offered during Spring, Summer, and Fall. Our services are open to all breeds.

AKC Family Dog Program

We offer well Socialized Puppies, and Dogs from the start. Read more, here....


Breed Standard Havanese




We follow the UKC Breeders Code of Ethics.

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Thank you!

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