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Registered Healthy Havanese with Champion Bloodlines


All of our Havanese dogs, and puppies have been DNA tested with UC Davis, and Registered with the United Kennel Club. All of our Adult dogs have been screened with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.

We pride our line with the highest quality, supreme health, and follow the breed standard.


Born on Easter Sunday!

Visit and Reserve

PUPPIES will be Health Certified for FATHER'S DAY placement

We will begin showing after 2 weeks of age until they are health certified for placement after 8 weeks of age.

Deposits to hold begin after viewing in person, after 2 weeks of age. Feel free to self schedule, using the link below.

Deposits to hold are $500. Balance will be due upon puppy pick up day. Cash, or Credit welcome. 

AVAILABLE TO HOLD WITH A $500 DEPOSIT (deposit applied towards price listed)

MALE BASIC BLACK $1500 (Black pigment with a small amount of white on nose and mouth "Milk Spill") 

MALE BASIC BLACK $1500 (Black pigment with small amount of white on chin and chest "Milk Dribble") 

FEMALE RED/SABLE  $2000 (Black pigment with subtle cream highlights around face) (Show Stopper) Beautiful!

FEMALE RED/SABLE  $2300 (Black pigment) (Show Stopper) Beautiful! RESERVED

MALE WHITE/CREAM $2500 (Show Stopper) Handsome! RESERVED

We welcome Saturday visits with your reserved puppy during weeks 3-7.

We provide a bill of sale, UKC registration, Royal Canin Puppy kit, and a complete health record for your new puppy.

All of our dogs have been DNA tested for authenticity, and genetic health with UC Davis. All of our Adult dogs have been tested with the Orthopedic Foundation of America.

We can help you get started with the AKC Puppy STAR, and UKC SPOT program. We are credentialed with the AKC, and UKC for program administration, and evaluation.

Visit and Reserve



WAITLIST AVAILABLE  for Future planned litters

Email us your complete name, mailing address, and phone number.

We will mail you a birth announcement. No deposit is required until you select your puppy.

Puppy visits begin when puppy is 2 weeks old, and a $500 deposit can be placed to hold the puppy until they reach 8 weeks of age, and health certified by our Vet.



Colors available: White, Cream, Champagne, Apricot Gold, Red, Red with White, Black, Black with Tan points, Black with White points, Silver, Sable, Light Brown, and Havana Brown.

All colors come with the breed standard Black pigment on nose, mouth, eyes, and paw pads. Our colors are solid with a touch of flare on paws, face, and tail. No "spots" or "stripes"


We also offer a True Chocolate line with brown pigment, and amber eyes, also breed standard for the Chocolate Havanese. 

Chocolates come in many coat colors. Our Chocolate line offers: Apricot Gold coat with Amber eyes, and brown pigments, and a Fudge Chocolate, with a milk spill on chin, Amber eyes, and brown pigments.


AKC and UKC Evaluator Credentials


AKC Stud Service also available (OFA, DNA)- Champion Bloodlines, excellent health, excellent hair, temperament, and behavior. We only Stud to Full registered Health certified females. Females must be between the ages of 2-4 years. No co-ownerships accepted. Owner of Female must be One person. DNA profile must be completed for Female before stud service. A copy of the 4 generation pedigree, and AKC registration required.

Contact us for more details. 

Ccarlins Havanese offers a Champion bloodline Healthy Havanese, Toy breed, hypoallergenic, shed free, pet companion, or a emotional support animal, or the popular "ReadyGo Puppy" (C) (already potty trained, crate, travel, stairs, lead, routine, very well behaved, teeth and groom handling, basic puppy trained)

We can produce the prospective Show puppy, and the "ReadyGo Dog" (C) Family Dog Trained, and Spay/Neutered adult dog from time to time.


Breed Standard Havanese




We follow the UKC Breeders Code of Ethics.

Code of Ethics






Thank you!

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Pet Products, and Registered Kennel Services for the Havanese Owner. We follow the Strict guidelines of the United Kennel Club, Havanese Club of America and the American Kennel Club. Ccarlins is involved with both the UKC, and AKC with events; local, and National. We create and provide Puppies, and Dogs for emotional support animal needs, and a companion pet for family needs. Ccarlins provides Dogs ready for competition, and show. 
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