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2020-2021 Events


CCARLINS  2020 Schedule of Events - Onsite, Offsite, and Virtual

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Ccarlins is qualified by the AKC and UKC to offer the following: AKC Temperament Test , AKC Fit Dog Club official, AKC Puppy STAR, AKC Canine Good CitizenAKC Adult Trick dog (all levels), and UKC SPOT evaluations begin August 29th, and run through Nov 21st. Open to ALL breeds, and ALL registries, or NON registries. Must show current record of required vaccinations (DAPP2/Rabies/Bordetella), and deworming (Negative fecal by Vet) to enter.

Check the AKC CGC Evaluator Directory, AKC ATT Judge listing, and the UKC Show Judge Directory for credentials. Our offerings of evaluation will be listed with both registries.

Evaluations are open to all breeds. Check the listings here: AKC scheduled events and UKC scheduled events. 

Training Consultations, AKC Fit club activity, and CGC Evaluations meet on Saturday mornings. We meet between July 18th, and run through Nov 21st. Bring your pedometer, and water.

AKC Temperament Testing will be completed at a Hosted club, and AKC show events. We will be one of the AKC Judges.

Winter fun will be in our secured property for a Nordic adventure; Joring, sledding, sleigh pulls, and agility. TBA


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Now offering Credentialed Virtual Training and Evaluations for the Puppy and Adult Dog.


Ongoing: Ccarlins is an approved AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, we administer the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy program, AKC Fit Dog, AKC Temperament, AKC Canine Good Citizen, AKC Community Canine (Advanced level of CGC), AKC Urban CGC and AKC Trick Dog tests. Multiple levels of skill evaluation offered. Orientation, and training offered during early Spring, Summer, and late Fall. Our services are open to all breeds. AKC Family Dog Program Our credentials given by the AKC.


Ongoing: Ccarlins is a Licensed UKC SPOT Evaluator; We administer the UKC SPOT program guidelines, and final testing. Orientation to the program, and training assistance offered during Spring, Summer, and Fall. Our services are open to all breeds. Learn how to participate  We are licenced for credentialed evaluation of the UKC Socialized Pet Obedience Test. Our credentials given by the UKC.


Meet #1 LOCAL -Kick off to the season! Spring Fling- Bring a light side dish to pass (serving 8), we provide the main dish, tables, chairs, and guest speakers: Grooming, Therapy dog, S.P.O.T dog UKC training. Introduction to the AKC CGC program calendar. This is a Outdoor event-Dress warm, and bring your Puppy. We will introduce the previous graduates, and celebrate.

United Kennel Club presentation, and Calendar. 


Meet #2 LOCAL- Summer Splash- Puppy pools provided. Bring a towel for your puppy, and a light side dish to pass. We provide the main dish, tables, chairs, and guest speakers: Grooming, Water Safety, S.P.O.T  dog UKC evaluations. AKC CGC, Trick dog, and Fit dog evaluations offered.

AKC, CKC, United Kennel Club presentation, and Calendar. 


Optional Meet #3 REGIONAL- Clubs from Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Michigan meet and greet. Puppy Experts available to answer questions: Breed Conformation, Agility, and Obedience, Pet Insurance, and Pet Security. 


Optional Meet #4 REGIONAL-Ccarlins Canines family Fall BBQ- Tables, grill, and a secure puppy play area provided. Bring a side dish to pass (servings 12). The grill will be cooking up Chicken, fresh vegetables, and serving fresh fruit from Stewarts Orchard. Invitations will mail out around Labor Day. Event will be held twice in October. Introduction to our Nordic Winter fun program.




Optional Meet #4- NATIONAL- Gateway Nationals is held annually in Gray Summit, Missouri at the Purina Event Center, and hosted by United Kennel Club of Kalamazoo, Michigan. Halloween costume contest for dogs, too! 


Optional Meet #5- NATIONAL- Royal Canin AKC National Dog Show- We attend each year, and would love to see members in on the fun.




Added: Local and Regional Ground Support (1-2 dogs maximum)
Added: Distance Transport (1-3 dogs maximum)
Added: Day boarding and Night boarding (1-2 dogs maximum)
Added: Ala Carte menu for boarding to spoil your Dog.
Added: Gift Cards
Added: Additional testing and evaluations for the AKC.
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