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Registered Adult Dogs Available- Breed Standard, All basic trained, Loving, Mature, Playful, Easy going, Quiet, Healthy

Healthy, DNA tested, OFA, Blood tests, and Health exam graded Perfect! Long life line of Champions

All of our Adults are professionally groomed, and have had a professional dental cleaning. Annual Vaccinations, Rabies, and Microchipping has been completed.

Adult Dogs are in perfect condition, and will make a life long companion. All of our Adults have been spay/neutered. All are ready for their "First Homes"




READY NOW! MALE CREAM HAVANESE $1400.00 "Zeke" Cash or credit accepted. Click on this link to see todays photo's!

Adorable Cream Male Havanese. He is near 7 months of age. He is playful, loving, very well potty trained, and gorgeous. Recently groomed, and comes with a spotless health record, and an impressive pedigree. He is registered with the UKC, and is full grown. He weighs 17 lbs. Zeke is strong and has firm muscle. He is a bit larger on the breed standard range for Havanese. He is very muscled, and in proportion. We held him since he was born for basic training and neuter surgery. He has been a true gem.  Zeke is very smart, and easy to care for. Great Puppy, and a big teddy bear. He has great hair, human like, and can be combed easily.

We have completed his first years health, and beauty costs. All he will need is, you! :) Annual checkup not needed until next September 2020.

He is hypoallergenic and shed free. Ready now for placement!

 "Izzy"  Photo link only.  winkWe are so excited for Izzy, and her new family!


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