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Registered Adult Dogs Available- Breed Standard, All basic trained, Loving, Mature, Playful, Easy going, Quiet, Healthy

Healthy, DNA tested, OFA, Blood tests, and Health exam graded Perfect! Long life line of Champions!

All of our Adults are professionally groomed, and have had a professional dental cleaning. Annual Vaccinations, Rabies, and Microchipping has been completed.

Adult Dogs are in perfect condition, and will make a life long companion. All of our Adults have been spay/neutered.


1. AVAILABLE after September 21st, 2019- Female 10 Month old. UKC Registered Black, Spayed, Cash or Credit. Weighs 11 Lbs. Professionally groomed, and basic trained. Quiet, and loving. Toy size, very calm, and loves to cuddle. She has no bad habits! We held her until her spay surgery, and training completed. $1200.00

2. AVAILABLE after SEPTEMBER 21st, 2019-Female 3.5 year old. AKC Havanese Cream, Spayed, teeth cleaned, Cash or Credit. Weighs 9 lbs. Easy to fly onboard! Quiet, and loving. $1000.00