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Registered Healthy Havanese with Champion Bloodlines

Havanese Available! See below for each age group. We held back the best for training and healthy goal posts!

Call for pricing. Now taking appointments to visit, at our home.


All of our Havanese dogs, and puppies have been DNA tested with UC Davis, and Registered with the United Kennel Club. All of our Adult dogs have been screened with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.

Ccarlins Havanese follows a strict guideline for: Vaccinations (DAPP2) Bordetella, Parasite, Flea, Tick, Lyme, and Heartworm protection, and prevention. 

We pride our line with the highest quality, supreme health, and follow the breed standard.


Two Month old Puppies 

Cream Male 

Red Sable Male  

Black Male  (with a small patch of White on neck/chest)

Black Female (Black and Tan)

Black Female (White on chin)

Black Female (Tri-Color) 



 Puppies will be health certified on January 18th, 2020.

------------------------->READYGO DOG ALERT<-----------------------------


Registered Adult Dogs Available- Breed Standard, All basic trained, Loving, Mature, Playful, Easy going, Quiet, Healthy

Healthy, DNA tested, OFA, Blood tests, and Health exam graded Perfect! Long life line of Champions

All of our Adults are professionally groomed, and have had a professional dental cleaning. Annual Vaccinations, Rabies, and Microchipping has been completed.

Adult Dogs are in perfect condition, and will make a life long companion. All of our Adults have been spay/neutered. All are ready for their "First Homes"


Three Year Old Adult Havanese 

Female AKC Cream 3 year old available. She will go with her sleep crate, Royal Canin food, dishes, coller, tags, lead, chew toy, and health certificate. 

Please allow her 3-30 days to adjust in her new surroundings. Adult dogs are trained, and easily acclimate to a new potty area, and routine for sleep. She is a friendly, loving, quiet dog. She weighs 10 lbs, and has just completed her spay surgery, grooming, and teeth cleaning. Prefers a fenced in yard. She also likes to be walked. She does not shed, and is hypoallergenic. Happy dog, and cheerful disposition.

------------------>READYGO PUPPY ALERT<--------------------------- 

Six Month old Puppies 

Female Havanese, 6 months old, and solid Black. She is a sweetheart, and petite in size. Health certified, and ready now, for placement. Very quiet, well behaved, loving, and basic trained.

Male Havanese, 6 months old, and Red Cream. He is fun loving, quiet, playful, well behaved, and gorgeous! Health certified, and ready now for placement. 


Ccarlins Havanese offers a Champion bloodline Healthy Havanese, Toy breed, hypoallergenic, shed free, pet companion, or a emotional support animal, or the popular "ReadyGo Puppy" (C) (already potty trained, crate, travel, stairs, lead, routine, very well behaved, teeth and groom handling, basic puppy trained)

We can produce the prospective Show puppy, and the "ReadyGo Dog" (C) Family Dog Trained, and Spay/Neutered adult dog from time to time.

We are located in Northwest Indiana. We are about a 40 minute drive from South Bend, and a 2 hour drive from Chicago.

Phone (219) 229-6367

Email: Ccarlins Havanese


We provide a bill of sale, UKC registration, Royal Canin Puppy kit, and a complete health record for your new puppy.

We can help you get started with the AKC Puppy STAR, and UKC SPOT program. We are credentialed with the AKC, and UKC for program administration, and evaluation.


Colors available: White, Cream, Champagne, Apricot Gold, Red, Red with White, Black, Black with Tan points, Black with White points, Silver, Sable, Light Brown, and Havana Brown.

All colors come with the breed standard Black pigment on nose, mouth, eyes, and paw pads. Our colors are solid with a touch of flare on paws, face, and tail. No "spots" or "stripes"


We also offer a True Chocolate line with brown pigment, and amber eyes, also breed standard for the Chocolate Havanese. 

Chocolates come in many coat colors. Our Chocolate line offers: Apricot Gold coat with Amber eyes, and brown pigments, and a Fudge Chocolate, with a milk spill on chin, Amber eyes, and brown pigments.


AKC and UKC Evaluator Credentials


Breed Standard Havanese




We follow the UKC Breeders Code of Ethics.

Code of Ethics




Thank you!

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