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Welcome to Ccarlins Canine College


Consistent learning, a completion of repetitive tasks, and offering a healthy reward system.

Understanding each dogs breed standard, temperament, and behavior to the fullest.

Grasping everything learned, and applying it to training and evaluation.

Testing your knowledge as a dog owner, and building on the trusting bond with your dog.

Giving you the awards, ribbons, and accolades needed upon completion of your goals.

We offer you the required steps needed for your dog to become a good family dog.

Whether you proceed into the show ring, or just want a solid family dog with awesome skills.

Assisting your AKC, CKC, and UKC registered dog - Ccarlins.


Difference between the UKC, CKC, and AKC. 

United Kennel Club

Canadian Kennel Club 

American Kennel Club

The UKC, CKC (Canada) and AKC began in the 1800's. If you purchase a purebread dog; Make sure the registration papers are from one of the three listed.


We Can Help You Qualify For The AKC, UKC, and CKC Events



American Kennel Club

Ccarlins is an approved AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, and a licensed Judge.

We administer the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy program, AKC Temperament test, AKC Canine Good Citizen, AKC Community Canine (Advanced level of CGC), AKC Urban CGC and AKC Trick Dog tests.

Now offering, Virtual Home Manner evaluations for Puppies, and Dogs.

Multiple levels of skill evaluation offered. Onsite, Offsite, and Virtual Orientation, and training year round.

Our services are open to all breeds for the AKC Family Dog Program. Our credentials given by the AKC.

We are listed in the AKC CGC Evaluator directory. We are listed in the official AKC Judges directory.

We are duly qualified to Host and Co-Host AKC events.


Ask us how your Dog can become an AKC Fit Dog.

Events first steps

We are a member in good standing



United Kennel Club

Ccarlins is a Licensed UKC SPOT Evaluator

We administer the UKC SPOT program guidelines, and final testing.

Orientation to the program, and training assistance offered year round.

Our services are open to all breeds. Learn how to participate in the UKC.

We are licensed for the evaluation of the UKC Socialized Pet Obedience Test.

Our credentials given by the UKC. We are listed in the UKC Show Judge Directory.

All Breed Sporting Events offered

Hunting Dog Events offered 

We are a member in good standing


Canadian Kennel Club

Currently in training for Canada.

Events offered

We are a member in good standing

 CKC Membership #4393230


Credentials Granted for use of Registry logo's for the Ccarlins Website, and Business cards.



Highlight Winter 2020: Our Top pick for a Gold Star AKC Breeder. Beartooth Mountain offers a Very impressive line of Alaskan Malamutes. Great customer experience, and impressive AKC Pedigree, Exceptional Health, and OFA Testing.

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